Philosophy of the Kun Tao:

Kun Tao is an art and no sport; it is physique, mental and has a spiritual existence. Kun Tao is actual free translated street fighting without rules; it is very hard, direct, powerful, fast and deadly. By Kun Tao, the defender shall be able to neutralize the attacker yet before the attacker can prepare himself on the pain. He stands calm and sturdily as a tree, then he exploded in an explosive power as a tornado. The hands of the Kun Tao become also well "fire hands" named off the manner of attacks on the body. The Kun Tao expert believes that if one finger at his body that moves, he has the ability with that finger, to kill. Each part of his body has been trained to be a deadly weapon. His attacker will fall yet before he has seen what he becomes. Every day, with as target to train the movements so intensively as possible, that it will become naturally. Learning, fine tuning of the mind and its automatic function that the body in a special way in dangerous circumstances can move without fear, doubt and uncertainties. If you will succeed, you will learn to bear the pain and illness or the emotional fight in life and learn to mislead it.

"For one who has the knowledge to live can walk among the wild animals because thereís no place for fear for the dead".

Be open and willing
Be persistent, strong-willed, determined and firm
Be tolerant and bearable
Be patient and have trust
Be honest and trustworthy
Think powerful and be justify
Have courage and be loving
Expected the unexpected
Be calculated on the capricious
Be alert and ready
Speak honest and open
Do not abuse your knowledge and skill
Realize combined action and harmony
Be convinced, have trust and belief in yourself
Be reborn

Inner Strength

What is inner strength ?

The inner strength is the mental aspect of not visible energies in the body. By the inner strength exercise, you learn to control the mind, the body and the respiration. You will clearly experience that as well physically as spiritual, becomes more powerfully developed and the concentration ability will considerable increase. By the Kun Tao we train the mind and the energy, the inherent force. Use by the exercising will power to steer the energy flow, so that when will power arrives, energy arrives; when energy arrives, inherent force arrives'. To reach that power one must begin to relax the body and concentrate and direct the mind by empty the thoughts. Involve with each movement your whole body, mind and energy flow. The physical exercise and inner energy flow must be coordinated, so that the inherent force flows without interruption. The movements must be flowing and uninterrupted, form without pause, so that they can form an endless energy flow.
In the beginning stage itís important to execute the inner strength exercise slowly with conscious of the right respiration and steering of the movements. Slow practice is necessary to bring the inner current of energy on course and also to notice mistakes in the physical exercise and balance. Through not yet using of full power, the unwinding of the mind and the releasing of the body, will direct you better on the attention, energy flow and the flowed (powerful) movements. When you reach a reasonable level of inherent force and the correct movements, you can increase the physical power. The power is not mechanical, but the consequence of inherent force. Exercise daily this exercise strong-willed, persevered, determined and firmly by testing each time the stamina and the will power and to move the borders of your inner growth.

Application breathing:
Breathe deeply in through the nose and relax yourself, take care that the brains get sufficient oxygen. Pay attention that the chest not expand but try to breath from the midriff and take care that the belly is good filled with air. Try after breathing in the movement, act or effort to do. Then breathe after that slowly but flowed through the mouth out. Repeat the in and out breathing constant in a rhythmical tempo.
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Inner force