As you have read becomes through these fights sport many of our mind asked. For the mind healthy and to keep in form there are on this school also many attentions to philosophy. This for a number of reasons, our mind to develop and set you to think. Hereby is also once in a while the use of meditation. This happened under the leadership of an experienced person.
What is meditation ?
Meditation is a self regulated physical-psychological rule system that leads to widening of the consciousness and for stabilising of the own personality. With her positive working builds it forward on the basis of the already present ability for rest and distraction, of the existing consciousness and the existing personality. The better you prepare on the meditation the faster you will end up on the way to the/your inner centre and will notice the effects of the meditation exercise(s); finding of your identity, calmness, welfare, tolerance and a deep consciousness. Therefore you have to prepare yourself psychological and physique on each meditation exercise, by doing it. Allowing yourself each day a few minutes for meditation, makes that you can release that brake and enjoy the many aspects off life that you disposition to stand. Meditations broadened your horizon and can bring more balance in your consciousness.
Meditation is not damageable, on the contrary it gives you inner rest. After physical and mental efforts is meditation important. It repaired the balance and sees to for fresh energy so that physical and mentally again can function normal. After efforts taking the necessary rest (meditate) will bringt growth and broadened your view and vision in life.
Meditation is also an excellent method to improve the quality of your life and realize personal growth and development. Through meditation, you can learn to live your live in a positive way. You can learn new behaviour and influence your unconscious on a positive manner. Through meditation, you will learn to find yourself. As you begin to understand the language of your soul, you get a better image of yourself and your life target. This clarity forms a unique chance to change and create your own reality. Someone that begins to meditate shall contact the simple universal laws of safety and freedom.
Manner of apply for meditation:
- Take a good comfortable stand-sit- or lie position
- Open yourself
- Relax and breath deeply out, by each out breathing
   the body relaxes and let yourself go
- Take your time.
The subconscious cannot logical reason as your conscious mind. The subconscious is all knowing and knows the answers to all the questions. It will never argue or contradict with you. Think the good and there will be good. But if you think the bad, then there will be bad. The choice is totally at yourself, because the subconscious cannot contradict you. We have all our own free will.
No single nature power is bad. It depends only from how to use the powers of nature.