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W.M. van Prehn W.L. van Prehn

Founders of the Mustika Kwitang in Holland

Pencak Silat is a from Indonesia originating fighting art. On the island Java there are three known styles. Respectively: Perisai Diri, Setia Hati and Mustika kwitang. All these three styles self through graceful elegant and rhythmical movements are characterize. Pencak Silat has two masks either two faces. Therefore the name Pencak Silat (two sides) friendly and unfriendly. Friendly is, if your Pencak Silat uses to need for demonstration. Unfriendly is, if your Pencak Silat uses for violence.
The Pencak Silat style, that’s taught on our school, has the name: Perguruan Pencak Silat “Mustika Kwitang”. The Mustika Kwitang is originating from Westerly-Java, Indonesia and is to the Netherlands brought by Guru W. of Prehn from Dordrecht, the Netherlands. He and his son, William van Prehn has been already 20 year asset with the instructing of this graceful, hard and powerful style that the accent strengthen lays on the mental area and the underlying philosophy. Mustika means 'radiation' and Kwitang 'tradition'; consequently "traditional radiation".
Pencak Silat has basics principles, known as adroitness, langkah, technique, power, hardness, speed and mental ability. Physical power, hardness and speed are not enough. Mental ability is a very important factor. It requires then also the necessary self discipline, will power, determination and perseverance. Therefore heavy physical training necessarily physical and mental resistance is to be increased. The principles bundled together makes the possible power explosion to develop possible attackers in short time out to connect. Pencak Silat in combination with Pukulan.
"Why and what is Pukulan?" Pukulan is attack parry an effective self defence method to avoid and eliminate at the same time. The controlling of Pukulan has not been decided simple. Also here it plays as well mentally as physical a large role. Concentrations exercises and meditation are very important. It holds back aggression, gives self-confidence and moreover inner rest. Through these two important factors to bundle, you will develop a power explosion witch can come to a very powerful explosion of force that has no limits.
Particular characteristics of the Pencak Silat. Obedience and subjection. This age-old tradition is presently an unusual notion. In spite of it may not left behind because otherwise the recognizing is missing. Recognizing serves to be given form with held in mind that it will be honored. To reach the intended results one must follow the philosophy. Perseverance is very recommended.
The mental area
By the Pukulan, the mental aspect stands central and is of essential interest. Fear, doubt, uncertainties and other negative burdens may not influence or impede the movements and the way of thinking of the practitioner. It’s based on positive capacity and applies by powerful way of thinking. Intensive concentration exercises and meditation are very important. It holds back aggression, gives self-confidence and moreover inner rest. Through physical and mentally to bundle together, you can generate a violent power explosion that does not know how to hold.
Inner sincerity and openness forms the basis to respect. The rule is, to perfect unarmed, the "attacks techniques and the meant hit" and the defending techniques and to be attacked. Many movements of the body are conducted from the consciousness. It is important that the mental execution goes at forehand during the actual execution of the exercises. This mental involvement is to be come of ultimate interest by the conscious steering of the movements till synchronisation of body and mind. The movements become natural when repeated each time as if it was the first time. Movements and actions that appeared formerly with difficulty are then flowing and free and appear without trouble.
Philosophy of the Mustika Kwitang”
The philosophy of the Mustika Kwitang is a profound philosophy based on the applying of openness and readiness what actual comes from obedience and subjection. With this is meant obedience and subjection at yourself, openness to yourself, impose and full surrender and self discipline on your self. Willing to go beyond the extreme sides of your abilities, constantly explore your possibilities. Obedience’s at yourself and at the teacher, subject yourself at the system/art. It is important firstly to complete the trusting in yourself and then to stand for 100% behind yourself before you unconditionally can obey and subject. The greatest power in a man is the belief in himself, this has been based on belief, trust and conviction. The trusting serves namely always mutual to be. From openness and readiness the next step is, learning to apply at the powerful basis elements as will power, perseverance, determination and steadfastness. Only willing is not sufficient because if the will is in fight with the imagination, it will lose. Therefore is it quite important that we add power to the will through addition of will power. There where the will, will give up, the will shall continue by using perseverance and keep fighting to win. Persevering under the most difficult and heavy situations and circumstances and then not give up, but to maintain and constantly using will power on yourself. Persevering and not to choose the way of the slightest resistance, but learning to use the powerful way of thinking in acting. Determent to realize planned goals, and to succeed to clear away the obstacles that you meet on your way and to defeat them so that you can renew the targets where you put out growth and development. Perseverance/steadfastness at all elements to hold, without negative manipulation and derivation which can deviate you from your targets. These powerful elements in combination will lead till a unique powerful mentality and personalities change from which one can learn to think and act from a higher understanding from responsibility and is the way to autonomy and responsibility within reach. Without responsibility, we cannot think and act to justice. Taking responsibilities is the most important and most difficult step that we in life can take. Learning to make the right choices and decisions, helping and take care of each other, creating of actions together and loving self-realization. To build a bridge in yourself with capacity to help the weak, be tolerant, having standards and values and tolerances which all form important factors to grow to justice in life. As man we own already the positive abilities to develop till a higher consciousness level that can distinguish us as an individual from the bad.

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Inner Strenght “Tenaga Dalam”
What is inner strenght ? Inner strength is the mental aspect of application of not visible energies in the body. By Inner strength exercise, you learn to control the mind, the body and the respiration. You will clearly experience that as well physically as spiritual becomes more powerfully developed and the concentration ability will considerable increase.
By the Pencak Silat, one trains the mind and the energy, the inner strenght. Use by the exercising will power to steer the energy flow, so that when will power arrives, energy arrives; when energy arrives, inner strengt arrives'.
To reach that power one must begin to relax the whole body and concentrate the mind by empty the thoughts and centre the mind and the energy. Involve with each movement the whole body, mind and energy flow. The physical exercise and inner energy flow must be coordinated, so that the inner strengt flows without interruption. The movements must be flowing and uninterrupted, without pause, so that it forms an endless energy flow.
True mental training is based on the seeking to the true way in life, which again is based on perseverance, will power, determination and steadfastness, as man one firstly serves to be open and ready to search the truth that will lead to humility and a respect for life. The parallels between the physical notion and the mental. Mental notions are important for the study of life. When there has been taken sufficient steps is success or performance the result. As progress and development continues, the practitioner reaches himself from inside and becomes conscious of the power in himself.
The seven regulations to become a good practitioner of the martial art:
1. Have faith In the through you chosen fighting art systems. If thers's doubt in the
    chosen system the interest will decrease and you will never reach something.
2. Respect your chosen teacher, the one who have accepted you as a pupil. Recognize
    his knowledge recognize and capacities as worthy.
3. Concentrate yourself during the training. Strong discipline will accelerate realization
    in the art. Strong mental concentration makes the physical power more intensively.
4. Be patience during training. You will reach your goal when the time is ripe and can
    apply when you are totally yourself. The ability to remain calm will be good for
    potential challenges.
5. Practice your co-ordination during training. The possibility to move and adapt
    yourself, direct and in each situation, will increase your knowledge in the system.
6. Exercise as much as possible, not only during training but also at home. Every hour
    of exercise will solid your basis principles and will prepare you to a higher level
    of training.
7. Obtain self trust in yourself through the system. This state of mind sees to every
    situation for a calm self-control .

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