Founder of the Kun Tao


Founder of the TAOKUN in the Netherlands

The TAOKUN school had been set up in 1988 by William van Prehn and Karel Dirksen, † 23 March 2004, under the name “Kun Tao – Santung – Kwitang”. Both old pupils of Sifu/Guru (Paatje) Bian Hien Tan, † 2002, who has brought the Kun Tao to the Netherlands. Both had from childhood already studied a various martial arts, such as different Pencak Silat styles, Wing Chun kung Fu, Santung kung Fu, kick boxing etc. Their basis was founded by their own fathers that self were masters in Pencak Silat and Santung. Through many years off very heavy and hard intensive training on as well physical and mental area they became competent and very far in the fighting arts. With will power, self discipline, perseverance, determination and steadfastness they have reached a continuous position of exploration for the borders of their own abilities. Through their powerful way of thinking in which they trust, conviction and belief in their selves, was nothing in their thoughts impossible if you believe in it till the opposite was proved. Their meditative training and philosophic art on deep level, brought their on a quite difficult to reach level. They believe in honesty, justice, tolerance, helpfulness, standards and moral values and a support for the weak. They were always ready each one that was interested in meditation and the philosophic way to help and to teach to make life less heavy and more bearably and even when possible, to cure. They always said that life is already heavily enough, let we help and assist each so that we can realize harmony and widening our consciousnesses in life. Their most known words were “the greatest power in a man is the belief in himself”. We all are a part of a great entire plan and universal one consciousness and we all have to learn our own individual lessons and let our free will apply.

Both teachers own the 4e degree and instruct for a lot of years the various fights arts. From the beginning teaching in several city’s. They have given many demonstrations in the whole country, also through their fascinating and impressive spectacle actions with regards to the inherent force/inner strength, named the “Tenaga Dalam” free translated the inner power within they are able to show in a state of deep concentration and meditation what’s possible with the mental power. Single examples as, with thick sturdy sticks and massif iron bars support hitting and bending on the arms, body. Sharp objects as swords, spears, knives pushing on the body and bend till it bows. Concrete blocks braking with the fist or on the body. Blindfolded knife and stick fights, fights-exercises and sparring and yet much more of which people think it is impossible. The training that’s been given is in principle heavy, hard and powerful and in building up form. Step by step is worked with a target in a tempo for progress, physical condition, growth and development and result to perfection. The art is pure for self defence only and not for abuse. The age for beginners is 16 year and older.

K.A. Dirksen

In memorium: 15 June 1950 – 23 March 2004

My very best friend, Karel Alexander Dirksen,
passed away at the age of 53 years old,
suddenly unexpected on March the 23, 2004.
Our friendship was/is after all that years very strong.
It is if I have lost something in myself.
My thoughts and support go to his wife
and 6 children and grandchildren.
In him, we have lost an important, loving and
helpful person in as well life as in the
martial art. Rest in peace, my best friend.
We all will miss you ….

William van Prehn